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Arturas Bumsteinas/Antanas Jasenka

Johnny, One Note Drone and Polydrone Tone/Sonic Machine (CDR)

>In Cohort's series of split CDRs, the third one (the second to be reviewed at a later date) is from two guys from the former Eastern Europe countries. Antanas Jasenka is from Russia and his nine pieces are all called 'Sonic', and his main interest seems to be lying in the use of noise elements in his music. The sound of skipping records, stuttering CDs and malfunctioning radios: they are all fed through a bunch of sound-effects or plug ins found on the computer. Sometimes the result is quite nice, but most of the times Jasenka has not enough to offer to keep it things interesting for the entire length of a track. Arturas Bumsteinas however has one track, 'Johnny, One Note Drone And Polydrone Tone', and opens and closes with an old song about one Johnny and signing one note and than fades over into a piece of slowly evolving drone music, which grows a little bit over the course of the piece, into a beautiful drone piece that is more Niblock and Lucier than Ora and Mirror. Here tension and structure are present throughout. Great piece! (Vital , #502, FdW)

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