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A Blow to the Head (CDR)

>It seems to me that Cohort Records is becoming more and more active these days, and so are the musical activities of their boss, John Gore, aka Kirchenkampf, aka The Oratory Of Divine Love and aka >wirewall<. Here he teams up with Steve Hall, aka Yen Pox and aka Veil Of Secrecy and the more unknown C. Reider, who runs the Vuzh Music label. All three delivered sound material for this release, which was then 'arranged, effected and mixed' by John Gore. He calls this 'psychedelic ambient', which is an appropriate tag. 'Violent Drone' might also be appropriate, as in all seven tracks drones of whatever nature (radio static, analogue synth and perhaps even field recordings) play an important role, but a likewise important role is played by all the applied effects that Gore adds to this. This gives this drone music a top heavy character, sounds bursting in and out everywhere, from the depths of the earth and stardust from the sky. A sizzling mix of static sounds that never sounds static. Everything seems to be moving around all the time, with small changes of color and texture, like a Yves Klein painting or a Steve Reich piano piece, ever so apparent in 'I Hear Voices'. Powerful drone music, along the lines of Troum, but more musical... by which ever definition music of course. (FdW, Vital #489)

>Much more than "psychedelic ambient," which is how John Gore calls his project with Steve Hall and C.Reider, this music sounds like a machine washing away the sins from the blemished souls of those who believe in the relaxing power of ambient itself, the presumed "real thing" which sometimes makes us even more nervous due to lack of contents. On the contrary, "A blow to the head" is an accomplished work, a group of abstract reminiscences where the apparent absurdity of contorted voices from the ground suggests multidimensional narratives wandering through emotional relationships between uncommon synthetic parabolas and slowly falling black angels. The quality of these suggestions grows with the passage of time, so that concepts started with a touch of nice violence find their own significance at last, mirroring themselves in a finely displayed droning. (Touching Extremes)

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