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Omnid/John Kannenberg

>This is a split release comprised of seven tracks by Omnid (sometimes known as Albert Casais) and one thirty minute track by John Kannenberg. John Gore is engaged in releasing an ongoing series of splits of which this is the first. This release comes packaged in textured art paper and is limited to 100 copies. The seven tracks by Omnid were produced by treating sources in the spectral audio processing program Sound Hack. Intriguing rhythmic cutups and drones are the currency here. The overall concept/approach owes much to the microsound school. There are moments of rhythmic and melodic familiarity which devolve into delightful sonic mayhem. Kannenberg treats us to a single thirty minute journey through an aual vision inspired by the sound of dry heat. Here too is the stamp of microsound and gives the listener plenty to explore. This track is very true to the ambient tradition presenting plenty of unidentifiable hissy sounds within an acutely synthesized frame. (auralpressure)

>This is the first release in a new series of split CDRs, with each artist contributing around thirty minutes of material. On this first one two entirely different artists team up. First on is Omnid, perhaps well-known to the Vital Weekly reader, who offers seven tracks of his laptop music. A mixed bunch at that, but mostly Omnid is playing around with glitchy rhythmical notions and other fine processing of whatever Omnid can lay his hands on while recording. It's not his finest moment as the tracks don't leave a big impression on me. It's sort of the usual, standard ok microsound material. The other artist is John Kannenberg who offers just one piece. Very softly recorded (or mastered), this is a top piece of microsound. Hissy, glitchy, slowly developing and enveloping, this is a great ambient glitch piece. This alone is worth getting it. (Vital, FdW)


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