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The Extent of the Signification (3" CDR)

>An abstract painting on the small case hides this 3" CDR by that metal healer who is Alan Bloor. Eighteen miniutes are enough For Pholde to let him seduce us again into his darkish aura, made of resonance and subterranean rumbling.... projects listeners towards a habitable world of eternal waiting, deadening any melodic edge in favor of a rapaceous mass of almost invisible foes that end being your best company in these meanderings. Alan has a rare ability in submitting powerful frequencies to his will, thus gaining momentum in his personal ascension to the high spheres of sound art. (Touching Extremes)

>Alan Bloor, aka Knurl, aka Pholde when he got his ambient hat on, has a new small CDR on Cohort Records, in a completely handpainted cover. As Pholde, which by the way seems his main act these days, as I can't remember seeing a new Knurl release, he scraps his way around on sheets of metal, and adds a firm dose of reverb to the recordings. 'No overdubs or computers were used', which is just another way of saying 'all material played live' or 'all material improvised'. As Pholde, Bloor has made his point. The scraping, chain dragging, rubbing or what else is possible on metaal plates has been well explored by now. Maybe the time has to come to start overdubbing or using computers and see what else is there to explore by using metal plates and all his playing techniques. Because what Pholde is does is nice and certainly has a lot of potential. (FdW, Vital #449)