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Vertonen 17/Six Layers to a Masquerade (CDR)

>Here we go, another monster avalanche of releases for Mr De Waard, and this is only one month worth of stuff. He must be making these records during his sleep. Or do nothing else all day (which can't be true as he apparently has 7 part-time jobs). Whatever. I suppose I'll write about these records the way that De Waard probably has made them: in one shot. The first one is a split as Shifts with Vertonen (it's not the first one) with a new part in his Vertonen series. I still don't know if the title of Shifts' series has anything to do with the artist name. Anyway, ‚Vertonen 17' is a 26-minute ghost ride, full of echoing sounds, like an underground wind that rages through dark tunnels. There's even some cold muddy water dripping down in places. OK, so it's not so dark that I had to hide behind the couch, but it sure is isolationist, as they used to call it 10 years ago. And very nice as well. The Six Layers To A Masquerade by Vertonen (aka Blake Edwards) sound more loud and intense, all shimmering drones that are wavering through the room, though it rests a little more towards the end. The piece is separated into six overlays, each carrying nicely overdone subtitles. (Vital Weekly #502, FDW)

>It's great when you find a record mixing the best qualities that electronica aficionados can enjoy, namely impressive sound treatments, unobtrusive hypnosis, discreet depth so that one can decide either to concentrate on the music or to use the sounds as an active background while doing something equally pleasing. In a bizarre twist of names, Shifts (Frans De Waard) creates his "Vertonen" tracks through heavily processed guitar sounds; his "Number 17" contained here is a truly engrossing example, applying these formulas in distant chorales of allusions propagating like a gas in the surrounding space for a total abandon by the nerves. A little more "present", but equally effective in its gorgeous manipulation of frequencies, "Six layers to a masquerade" by Vertonen (the musician) is a piece which tries to explore different areas of blurred repetition; the unpretentious standards of these static landscapes can be both mindbending and gently moaning - but the overall stunning effect remains. (Touching Extremes)


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