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Want to be kept up to date on Cohort releases? Email me here.



>If you've had problems with the Paypal buttons in the past they should all be fixed now. If you have any problems PLEASE let me know!<




>Well if you haven't heard already, the mailing rates for overseas parcels from the USA has jumped tremendously. As a result my rates for mailing overseas will go up. There's no way I can eat a 300% jump. Otherwise I'd giving the releases away for free and I'm not doing that. So from now on, if you are ordering from anywhere outside of the US/Canadian border you will need to contact me first to let me know what you want. I'll charge you the actual postage cost plus $5 for the release. I expect this will be another nail in the label's coffin but I'm still willing to keep most of the releases in print for as long as I can. Btw, if you haven't checked it out yet, my Bandcamp page ( has lots of new free stuff and early releases available in full resolution wave files. And mp3 files too if you want to go that route.<


>There is a 'kirchenkampf' track on the compilation release "Cracks Appear," ( along with plenty of other sound artists. Check it out.<


>Ok, here's the deal. Everything has been reduced to $5 for single disk release postpaid, $3 for 3" CDRs in the US. World prices are $7 postpaid for single disk. These prices will continue until they are sold out, and some of them are very close now. Most will NOT be reissued (unless there is a large enough demand to make it worth my while). I will try to keep my own releases in print for the forseeable future as well as on Bandcamp.<


>As you may have noticed, not much has happened here lately. The reason for this is easy: there's just not that much interest in this kind of music anymore. At least not Cohort Records releases, and at least not CDRs. The last CDR I released has had virtually no sales whatsoever, so I'm doing something I've been resisting until now, I'm releasing only downloads. I've always had a problem with the quality of mp3s but now you can download FLAC files which can be decompressed to provide full resolution wave files. This will be done at Bandcamp. Much will be free but some will have a small fee attached. Then you can burn your own CDRs as many times as you like. You can also now get copies of the cassette releases as wave files as well on the site. There are some new things from 'kirchenkampf' already available. Just follow the Bandcamp links on the release page. I've been dragged into the 21st century kicking and screaming but there's really nothing I can do about it. Thanks to all who have considered it worthwhile buying my releases.<


>Not much to report label-wise at the moment, except for the fact that I will be making some of my releases available as downloads for $5 on Bandcamp and in the future I will also release some disks as cassettes as well. You will see what is what on the "release" page.<


>A new release in the split series by amptext +bass (Daniel Barbiero), and Blk w bear (J.S. Adams, Doug Poplin, P.D. Sexton, Renee Shaw) both mixing live instruments and electronics. Check out the release page and the track samples for more. Next up will be a new 'kirchenkampf' release called "Stoneship," giving us a bit of a steampunk feel.<


>A collaboration between 'kirchenkampf' and Pixyblink is out. Check out the release page for more info and track samples. I thought this came out quite well. Very strong in places. Next up will be the split CDR between amptext + bass and BLK w Bear. After that will be the next 'kirchenkampf' release "Stoneship".<


>The next release is ready! A collaboration between Moljebka Pvlse of Sweden & Cría Cuervos of Italy titled "Vid väg ände" (Road's End). See the release page for more information. Next up will be the collaboration between 'kirchenkampf' and Pixyblink.<


>Finally getting caught up with label releases. The newest one is a return to Cohort by the Canadian noise project Knurl (aka Alan Bloor). Six tracks of sonic mayhem for your delectation presented in the usual Cohort folded paper covers. Check the release page for track samples. Next up will be the collaboration between Moljebka Pvlse and Cría Cuervos, then the collaboration between my project 'kirchenkampf' and the ambient sound artist Pixyblink. After that will be a release in the split series by amptext + bass and James Wyness. Then a new release by 'kirchenkampf' called "Stoneship". That should take me to the end of June.<


>I put a new release on the Download page using material from my noise project >wirewall< and material provided by Hal McGee. The release is titled "Dimension Shift". It is available in 192k mp3 files and FLAC files. Enjoy! Expect more to come in this format since the economy is still crap and so are my sales. I'm tempted to just give up but that's quitter talk!<


>The new Oratory of Divine Love release "ARCHangel" is finally finished! I splurged on full color disk art work this time. The sleeves are hand-folded paper. Check on the release page for track samples and Paypal buttons. Two long tracks of aggressive sounds of the infinite! Next up will be the Knurl release, "Halometh".<

>There will be a 'kirchenkampf' cassette release on Diophantine sometime soon. I'll keep you posted.<

>Finally got around to updating my email address on the various pages. The Paypal buttons should all be fixed as well (I don't believe I forgot about that!). If you've tried that route and it hasn't worked, it should be correct now. If you have any problems please let me know.<

>I've also made it possible for you to order from the site using your credit cards thru PayPal. Go to Ordering Info and follow the instructions.<


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