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>wirewall</Hal McGee

"Dimension Shift"

(Added 3/2/11)


The mp3 files are 192K rate.


Track 1: Red Line                                mp3               flac                        

Track 2: Light that Fades                   mp3               flac

Track 3: Dimension Shift                    mp3               flac

Track 4: Time Suspended                  mp3                flac

Track 5: Electron Flow                        mp3               flac

Track 6: Bonded Charge                    mp3               flac


Full-length sample tracks:

>Wirewall - what (3.62 MB @ 56k)<

>The Oratory of Divine Love - Angelus (3.4 MB @ 56k)<

>johngoremusic - samp (1.86 MB @ 56k)<


>Four new 'kirchenkampf' tracks in mp3 (192k) and flac versions.

(added 10/16/10)

>String Theory   mp3    flac

>A Thought Suspended in Amber   mp3    flac

>A Suggestion of Malevolence    mp3    flac

>Through a Glass Darkly    mp3    flac


Here's four 'kirchenkampf' tracks I did as a remix for offnominal

>wasteoid (13.07 MB @ 128k)<

>new age sew age (8.4 MB @ 128k)<

>alligators! (8.5 MB @ 128k)<

>through the tunnels (10.5 MB @ 128k)<


Three 'kirchenkampf' tracks (added 4-17-05)

>time and tide1 (5.23 MB @ 128k)<

>time and tide2 (4.57 MB @ 128k)<

>time and tide3 (5.08 MB @ 128k)<


Here's some 'kirchenkampf' remix tracks I did with Drone Forest source material from the Vuzh site. These may be released later.

>vuzh1 (3.65 MB @ 128k)

>vuhz2 (5.23 MB @ 128k)

>vuzh3 (6.09 MB @ 128k)

>vuzh4 (4.5 MB @ 128k)

>vuzh5 (3.53 MB @ 128k)

>vuhz6 (5.58 MB @ 128k)


There were six cassette releases by 'kirchenkampf' during the first few years of the project's existence. I will make these available as time permits. Enjoy if you can. There's some embarrasing stuff here but also some good things as well. Chalk it up to inexperience and finding my way. Interestingly enough the cassettes did receive pretty good reviews when they were first released (if I can dig these up I may add them later for historical value). Each of these releases are also available as full resolution wave files on two CDRs (these were c90s when first released) for $10US ppd in plain enclosures. Email me if this is what you want.


'kirchenkampf' (added January 15, 2008)

>Mistfall (16.6MB)

>In Transit (20.8 MB)

>Psalm (11.2 MB)

>Metals (8.78 MB)

>Wombsong (18.0 MB)

>To Sleep and Dream (14.2 MB)

>Golgotha (19.1 MB)

>Skitter (10.3 MB)


The Gravity of Grace (added January 16, 2008)

>The Gravity of Grace (20.6 MB)

>Bethlehem (9.34 MB)

>Street Called Straight (13.7MB)

>The Ling Trees (9.05 MB)

>Ship of Faith (11.1 MB)

>Faith (10.0 MB)

>Fiat Lux (35.1 MB) warning HUGE file

>Arriving at Sinai (8.05 MB)

>Shipwrecked (8.67 MB)


Dancing Toward the Light of Heaven (added January 10, 2007)

>Bedouin (10.3 MB)

>Prayer (9.86 MB)

>Run (12.5 MB)

>Eternity's Call (10.0 MB)

>The Doors of Perception (9.78 MB)

>Blit (4.95 MB)

>Horn of Plenty (6.54 MB)

>Dancing Toward the Light of Heaven (9.12 MB)

>The Way of Sorrows (7.31 MB)

>The Empty Tomb (8.97 MB)

>A Light to the Gentiles (14.7 MB)


Exodus (added January 21, 2008)

>Delirium Tremens (9.15 MB)

>Thy Kingdom Come (19.4 MB)

>Jericho (5.42 MB)

>Ships of the Desert (6.98 MB)

>Jonah and the Whale (12.4 MB)

>TimePeace (9.88 MB)

>Exodus - Part 1: Song of Moses (8.32 MB)

>Exodus - Part 2: The Brazen Serpent (14.0 MB)

>Exodus - Part 3: The Golden Calf (12.9 MB)

>Exodus - Part 4: Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire (13.5 MB)

>This Dark World (9.67 MB)




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