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Moljebka Pvlse & Cria Cuervos

"Road's End" (CDR)


>Not a split CDR which Cohort releases every now and then, but a collaborative effort between Cria Cuervos (Italy) and Moljebka Pvlse from Sweden. The work was already recorded in 2007 through lines that aren't clear, but I guess it's safe to say through file exchange and the use of internet. Both Cria Cuervos and Moljebka Pvlse are known masters of drone music and obviously this is their direction for the music on this disc. Two pieces of what seems to me field recordings, lots of sound effects (analog? digital?) and even instruments: it seems like bass guitar in 'Pa Vandrande Fot (Traveling by foot)', all along with what seems a harmonium. This piece is slow builder, building to a great crescendo and slow dramatic fade out. In 'Det Ar Aldrig For Sent Att Vanda Om (It's never too late to turn back)', field recordings play a more dominant role (along with too much reverb) and guitars played with bows. No crescendo here, but slowly revolving piece with minimalist changes, gradually being locked into a web of sound effects, slowly alienating the music. I wonder which 'road's end' here: that of their personal development in drone music, or whether it's just another poetic title. Maybe it would be good to change the scenery of the music, and develop something that extends beyond the traditional drone music. This release would be a great ending to that phase. (Vital, FdW)<